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Technical Committee on Hardware Security (HWS) [schedule] [select]
Chair Makoto Nagata (Kobe Univ.)
Vice Chair Yuichi Hayashi (NAIST), Daisuke Suzuki (Mitsubishi Electric)
Secretary Hirotake Yamamotoi (SSS), Daisuke Fujimotoi (NAIST)

Technical Committee on Information Security (ISEC) [schedule] [select]
Chair Noboru Kunihiro (Tsukuba Univ.)
Vice Chair Junji Shikata (Yokohama National Univ.), Goichiro Hanaoka (AIST)
Secretary Takahiro Matsuda (AIST), Kazuki Yoneyama (Ibaraki Univ.)
Assistant Yoshikazu Hanatani (Toshiba)

Technical Committee on Social Implications of Technology and Information Ethics (SITE) [schedule] [select]
Chair Takushi Otani (Kibi International Univ.)
Vice Chair Soichiro Morishita (Cyber Agent), Takeo Tatsumi (Open Univ. of Japan)
Secretary Hideyuki Fujii (NRI-Secure), Daisuke Suzuki (Hokuriku Univ.)
Assistant Yusuke Tachibana (Fukuoka Inst. of Tech.)

Technical Committee on Biometrics (BioX) [schedule] [select]
Chair Hitoshi Imaoka (NEC)
Vice Chair Norihiko Okui (KDDI Research), Naoyuki Takada (SECOM)
Secretary Akihiro Hayasaka (NEC), Emiko Sano (MitsubishiElectric)
Assistant Hiroyuki Suzuki (Gunma Univ), Shinichi Shirakawa (Yokohama National Univ.)

Technical Committee on Information and Communication System Security (ICSS) [schedule] [select]
Chair Katsunari Yoshioka (Yokohama National Univ.)
Vice Chair Takahiro Kasama (NICT)
Secretary Akira Yamada (KDDI labs.), Toshihiro Yamauchi (Okayama Univ.)
Assistant Keisuke Kito (Mitsubishi Electric), Takeshi Sugawara (Univ. of Electro-Comm.), Yo Kanemoto (NTT)

Technical Committee on Enriched MultiMedia (EMM) [schedule] [select]
Chair Ryoichi Nishimura (NICT)
Vice Chair Kotaro Sonoda (Nagasaki Univ.), Masatsugu Ichino (Univ. of Electro-Comm.)
Secretary Youichi Takashima (Kaishi Professional Univ.), Shoko Imaizumi (Chiba Univ.)
Assistant Tomoko Kajiyama (Hiroshima City Univ.), Shieyuki Sakazawa (Osaka Inst. of Tech.)

Special Interest Group on Computer Security (IPSJ-CSEC) [schedule] [select]

Special Interest Group on Security Psychology and Trust (IPSJ-SPT) [schedule] [select]

Conference Date Tue, Jul 19, 2022 09:00 - 17:30
Wed, Jul 20, 2022 09:00 - 17:05
Conference Place Online 
All rights are reserved and no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. Notwithstanding, instructors are permitted to photocopy isolated articles for noncommercial classroom use without fee. (License No.: 10GA0019/12GB0052/13GB0056/17GB0034/18GB0034)
Registration Fee This workshop will be held as the IEICE workshop in fully electronic publishing. Registration fee will be necessary except the speakers and participants other than the participants to workshop(s) in non-electronic publishing. See the registration fee page. We request the registration fee or presentation fee to participants who will attend the workshop(s) on EMM, BioX, ISEC, SITE, ICSS, HWS.

Tue, Jul 19 AM  Special Session
09:00 - 11:30
(1) 09:00-09:05 Opening talk
(2) 09:05-09:20  
(3) 09:20-09:35  
(4) 09:35-09:50  
  09:50-10:00 Break ( 10 min. )
(5) 10:00-10:40  
  10:40-10:50 Break ( 10 min. )
(6) 10:50-11:30  
  11:30-13:00 Lunch Break ( 90 min. )
Tue, Jul 19 PM  HWS1(Track 1)
13:00 - 14:40
13:00-13:25 Side-Channel Attacks on Post-Quantum KEMs Using Multi-class Classification Neural Network ISEC2022-7 SITE2022-11 BioX2022-32 HWS2022-7 ICSS2022-15 EMM2022-15 Yutaro Tanaka, Rei Ueno (Tohoku Univ.), Keita Xagawa, Akitra Ito, Junko Takahashi (NTT), Naofumi Homma (Tohoku Univ.)
13:25-13:50 Revisit of Non Profiled Side Channel Analysis via Deep Learning ISEC2022-8 SITE2022-12 BioX2022-33 HWS2022-8 ICSS2022-16 EMM2022-16 Kentaro Imafuku, Shinichi Kawamura, Hanae Nozaki, Junichi Sakamoto, Saki Osuka (AIST)
13:50-14:15 Randomness evaluation of TERO-based TRNG with a side-channel attack countermeasure ISEC2022-9 SITE2022-13 BioX2022-34 HWS2022-9 ICSS2022-17 EMM2022-17 Saki Osuka (AIST), Daisuke Fujimoto, Yuichi Hayashi (NAIST), Shinichi Kawamura (AIST)
14:15-14:40 A Study for Predicting Correlation Power Analysis Results by Using High-SNR Plaintexts Selected Based on Linear Leakage Model ISEC2022-10 SITE2022-14 BioX2022-35 HWS2022-10 ICSS2022-18 EMM2022-18 Masaki Himuro, Kengo Iokibe, Yoshitaka Toyota (Okayama Univ.)
  14:40-14:50 Break ( 10 min. )
Tue, Jul 19 PM  HWS2(Track 1)
14:50 - 16:05
14:50-15:15 Issues and Considerations for Improvement of Verification in ECDSA Attestation of Intel SGX ISEC2022-11 SITE2022-15 BioX2022-36 HWS2022-11 ICSS2022-19 EMM2022-19 Yagawa Takashi (Tsukuba Univ.), Suzaki Kuniyasu, Teruya Tadanori, Ohara Kazuma (AIST), Abe Hirotake (Tsukuba Univ.)
15:15-15:40 Revealing PUF Responses by Differential Power Analysis against Reed-Muller-Code-based Fuzzy Extractor ISEC2022-12 SITE2022-16 BioX2022-37 HWS2022-12 ICSS2022-20 EMM2022-20 Soma Watanabe, Yuta Fukuda, Tatsuya Oyama, Kota Yoshida, Takeshi Fujino (Ritsumeikan Univ)
15:40-16:05 Security of Systems that Automatically Authenticate a User's Credentials and Location using Wireless Technology ISEC2022-13 SITE2022-17 BioX2022-38 HWS2022-13 ICSS2022-21 EMM2022-21 Kazuki Tachibana, Junichi Sakamoto, Tsutomu Matsumoto (YNU)
  16:05-16:15 Break ( 10 min. )
Tue, Jul 19 PM  HWS3(Track 1)
16:15 - 17:30
16:15-16:40 Security Assessment and Countermeasures for Magnetic Malfunction of Electromagnetic Relays ISEC2022-14 SITE2022-18 BioX2022-39 HWS2022-14 ICSS2022-22 EMM2022-22 Takumi Owada, Kazuki Tachibana, Tsutomu Matsumoto (YNU)
16:40-17:05 Distance Spoofing Detection by LiDAR and Stereo Camera ISEC2022-15 SITE2022-19 BioX2022-40 HWS2022-15 ICSS2022-23 EMM2022-23 Ataru Kubo, Yuki Fukatsu, Naoki Yoshida, Tsutomu Matsumoto (YNU)
17:05-17:30 Security Evaluation of Cryptographic Circuits with Laser Sensors by Double-Spot Laser Irradiation ISEC2022-16 SITE2022-20 BioX2022-41 HWS2022-16 ICSS2022-24 EMM2022-24 Masaki Chikano, Naoki Yoshida, Junichi Sakamoto, Syungo Hayashi, Tsutomu Matsumoto (YNU)
Tue, Jul 19 PM  CSEC1 (Track 2)
13:00 - 14:40
(17) 13:00-13:25  
(18) 13:25-13:50  
(19) 13:50-14:15  
(20) 14:15-14:40  
  14:40-14:50 Break ( 10 min. )
Tue, Jul 19 PM  CSEC2 (Track 2)
14:50 - 15:40
(21) 14:50-15:15  
(22) 15:15-15:40  
  15:40-16:15 Break ( 35 min. )
Tue, Jul 19 PM  CSEC3 (Track 2)
16:15 - 17:30
(23) 16:15-16:40  
(24) 16:40-17:05  
(25) 17:05-17:30  
Wed, Jul 20 AM  Invited Lecture
09:00 - 10:00
09:00-10:00 [Invited Talk]
Audio forensics and recording property estimation ISEC2022-17 SITE2022-21 BioX2022-42 HWS2022-17 ICSS2022-25 EMM2022-25
Akira Nishimura (TUIS)
  10:00-10:15 Break ( 15 min. )
Wed, Jul 20 AM  BioX (Track 1)
10:15 - 11:55
10:15-10:40 Person Verification Using Evoked EEG by Ultrasound
-- Examination of Correlation in Fusing Features --
ISEC2022-18 SITE2022-22 BioX2022-43 HWS2022-18 ICSS2022-26 EMM2022-26
Yuta Ishikawa, Kotaro Mukai, Isao Nakanishi (Tottori Univ.)
10:40-11:05 Person Verification Using EEG Evoked by Ultrasound
-- Introduction of mutual features between electrodes --
ISEC2022-19 SITE2022-23 BioX2022-44 HWS2022-19 ICSS2022-27 EMM2022-27
Kotaro Mukai, Isao Nakanishi (Tottori Univ.)
11:05-11:30 A Study on Biometric Modality for Continuous Authentication of Smart Devices ISEC2022-20 SITE2022-24 BioX2022-45 HWS2022-20 ICSS2022-28 EMM2022-28 Yuka Watanabe, Yasushi Yamazaki (Kitakyushu Univ.)
11:30-11:55 Person verification using evoked EEG from imperceptible vibratory stimulation
-- Introduction of normalization into EEG spectral content ratio --
ISEC2022-21 SITE2022-25 BioX2022-46 HWS2022-21 ICSS2022-29 EMM2022-29
Hiroki Kobayashi, Hirotomo Nakashima, Isao Nakanishi (Tottori Univ.)
  11:55-13:00 Break ( 65 min. )
Wed, Jul 20 PM  SITE (Track 1)
13:00 - 14:15
13:00-13:25 Investigation of credit card fraud model and deterrence method on SNS ISEC2022-22 SITE2022-26 BioX2022-47 HWS2022-22 ICSS2022-30 EMM2022-30 Zhixian Zhao, Shigeyuki Osada (JRI)
13:25-13:50 What type of document is CWA (CEN Workshop Agreement) in European Committee for Standardization Takushi Otani (Kibi International Univ.)
13:50-14:15 An overview of the secrecy of patent applications in the Japanese Law ISEC2022-23 SITE2022-27 BioX2022-48 HWS2022-23 ICSS2022-31 EMM2022-31 Makoto Koike (MK Microwave)
  14:15-14:25 Break ( 10 min. )
Wed, Jul 20 PM 
14:25 - 15:15
14:25-14:50 Cryptocurrency Analysis System for Investigating Cyber Crime Economy ISEC2022-24 SITE2022-28 BioX2022-49 HWS2022-24 ICSS2022-32 EMM2022-32 Hiroshi Mori, Hiroshi Kumagai, Yin Minn Pa Pa, Yuta Takata, Ryoya Furukawa, Yuji Sakurai, Masaki Kamizono (DTCY)
14:50-15:15 Distributed Random Number Generation Method on Smart Contracts ISEC2022-25 SITE2022-29 BioX2022-50 HWS2022-25 ICSS2022-33 EMM2022-33 Kentaro Sako (Waseda Univ), Shin'ichiro Matsuo (Georgetown Univ), Tatsuya Mori (Waseda Univ)
  15:15-15:25 Break ( 10 min. )
Wed, Jul 20 PM  ISEC (Track1)
Chair: Yoshikazu Hanatani (Toshiba)
15:25 - 17:05
15:25-15:50 An Efficient Sparse Multiplication Algorithm For Pairing-Friendly Elliptic Curves With Cubic Twist ISEC2022-26 SITE2022-30 BioX2022-51 HWS2022-26 ICSS2022-34 EMM2022-34 Daiki Hayashida, Kenichiro Hayasaka (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.), Tadanori Teruya (AIST)
15:50-16:15 Revocable Identity-Based Encryption With Multiple Private-Key Generators secure against Chosen Ciphertext Attacks and Decryption Key Exposure ISEC2022-27 SITE2022-31 BioX2022-52 HWS2022-27 ICSS2022-35 EMM2022-35 Yudai Suzuki, Atsushi Fujioka, Taroh Sasaki (Kanagawa Univ.), Akira Nagai (NTT)
16:15-16:40 Identification and tracking of website users in consideration of privacy in browser fingerprinting ISEC2022-28 SITE2022-32 BioX2022-53 HWS2022-28 ICSS2022-36 EMM2022-36 Takashi Tsukazaki, Yuichi Futa (TUT), Tomomichi Suzuki (PitApp), Hiroyuki Okazaki (Shinshu Univ.)
16:40-17:05 Efficient Constructions of Adaptively and CCA-secure Identity-based Encryption with Equality Test from LWE Assumption in the Standard Model ISEC2022-29 SITE2022-33 BioX2022-54 HWS2022-29 ICSS2022-37 EMM2022-37 Kyoichi Asano (UEC/NICT), Keita Emura (NICT), Atsushi Takayasu (Univ. Tokyo)
Wed, Jul 20 AM  CSEC4 (Track 2)
10:15 - 11:30
(40) 10:15-10:40  
(41) 10:40-11:05  
(42) 11:05-11:30  
  11:30-13:00 Lunch Break ( 90 min. )
Wed, Jul 20 PM  SPT (Track 2)
13:00 - 13:50
(43) 13:00-13:25  
(44) 13:25-13:50  
  13:50-14:25 Break ( 35 min. )
Wed, Jul 20 PM  PWS Special Session (Track2)
14:25 - 15:30
(45) 14:25-15:30  

Announcement for Speakers
General TalkEach speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.
Invited TalkEach speech will have 50 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.

Contact Address and Latest Schedule Information
HWS Technical Committee on Hardware Security (HWS)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Daisuke Fujimoto(NAIST), Hirotake Yamamotoi(SSS)
ISEC Technical Committee on Information Security (ISEC)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Takahiro Matsuda (AIST)
E--mail: ic-c (to ISEC secretaries) 
SITE Technical Committee on Social Implications of Technology and Information Ethics (SITE)   [Latest Schedule]
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BioX Technical Committee on Biometrics (BioX)   [Latest Schedule]
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ICSS Technical Committee on Information and Communication System Security (ICSS)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address ICSS Technical Committee
E--mail: is-adm-q 
Announcement Latest information will be presented on the homepage:
EMM Technical Committee on Enriched MultiMedia (EMM)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Enriched MultiMedia (EMM) Secretaries
E--mail: emm-adn 
IPSJ-CSEC Special Interest Group on Computer Security (IPSJ-CSEC)   [Latest Schedule]
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IPSJ-SPT Special Interest Group on Security Psychology and Trust (IPSJ-SPT)   [Latest Schedule]
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