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Technical Committee on Communication Quality (CQ) [schedule] [select]
Chair Jun Okamoto (NTT)
Vice Chair Takefumi Hiraguri (Nippon Inst. of Tech.), Gou Hasegawa (Tohoku Univ.)
Secretary Noritsugu Egi (NTT), Hiroshi Yamamoto (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
Assistant Kimiko Kawashima (NTT), Ryo Nakamura (Fukuoka Univ.), Toshiro Nakahira (NTT), Kenta Tsukatsune (Okayama Univ. of Science)

Technical Committee on Communication Systems (CS) [schedule] [select]
Chair Daisuke Umehara (Kyoto Inst. of Tech.)
Vice Chair Seiji Kozaki (Mitsubishi Electric)
Secretary Koji Kamakura (Chiba Inst. of Tech.), Kazutaka Hara (NTT)
Assistant Hikaru Kawasaki (NICT), Yuta Ida (Yamaguchi Univ.)

Conference Date Thu, May 18, 2023 12:30 - 17:00
Fri, May 19, 2023 09:00 - 17:00
Topics Optical/Wireless Access and Their Integration, Communication Behavior, QoE and Psychology, Assessment / Measurement / Control / Optimization of Communication Quality, Network Services, Wireless Networks, MIMO/Diversity/Multiplexing Techniques, etc. 
Conference Place  
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Registration Fee This workshop will be held as the IEICE workshop in fully electronic publishing. Registration fee will be necessary except the speakers and participants other than the participants to workshop(s) in non-electronic publishing. See the registration fee page. We request the registration fee or presentation fee to participants who will attend the workshop(s) on CS, CQ.

  12:30-12:35 Opening Address ( 5 min. )
Thu, May 18 AM 
12:35 - 14:20
12:35-13:00 Instantaneous Response Analysis of a Limiting Amplifier Circuit with Inverted Distortion Compensation Technique in Burst-Mode Optical Receivers CS2023-1 Yura Nishimura, Daiki Hirata, Shunji Kimura (Kyushu Univ.)
13:00-13:25 Principle Experiment of Spatial Optical Wireless Communication Using Time Domain Hybrid PAM Signal CS2023-2 Ayumu Kariya, Tomoya Ishikawa, Fumiya Kobori, Keita Tnaka, Takahiro Kodama (Kagawa Univ)
13:25-13:50 An Initial Study of Underwater Optical Wireless Communications Using a Transmit-Beam Shaper CS2023-3 Tomoya Ishikawa, Ayumu Kariya, Fumiya Kobori, Takahiro Kodama (Kagawa Univ)
13:50-14:15 A Study on Light Source Frequency Control by Kalman Filter Applying Polarity Reversal by Q-factor Degradation Threshold CS2023-4 Keita Tanaka, Momoka Masaoka, Keiji Shimada, Ken'ichi Fujimoto, Takahiro Kodama (Kagawa Univ)
  14:15-14:20 Break ( 5 min. )
Thu, May 18 PM 
14:20 - 15:10
14:20-15:00 [Special Invited Talk]
Research and Development of a Highly Reliable In-Vehicle Optical Network: SiPhON (Si-Photonics-Based In-Vehicle Optical Network) CS2023-5
Shin'ichi Arakawa (Osaka Univ.), Hiroyuki Tsuda (Keio Univ.)
  15:00-15:10 Break ( 10 min. )
Thu, May 18 PM 
15:10 - 16:30
15:10-15:35 On the performance of sorting out invalid jobs in scheduling using the policy gradient method for deadline-aware jobs CQ2023-1 Tatusya Sagisaka, Kohei Shiomoto (TCU), Takashi Kurimoto (NII)
15:35-16:00 Area Partitioning for Large Scale Antenna Tilt Optimization in Cellular Networks CQ2023-2 Hideaki Kinsho, Kei Takeshita, Kazuhisa Yamagishi (NTT)
16:00-16:25 A study of wireless 2D beamforming by optical phase control CQ2023-3 Honoka Ito, Ken Hiraga, Riichi Kudo (NTT)
  16:25-16:30 Break ( 5 min. )
Thu, May 18 PM 
16:30 - 17:00
16:30-17:00 [Invited Talk]
Optical and Wireless convergence for realizing User-Centric Network CQ2023-4
Ryo Inohara, Shinji Nimura, Kazuki Tanaka (KDDI Research, Inc.)
Fri, May 19  
09:00 - 10:45
09:00-09:25 [Invited Lecture]
D2EcoSys for realization of Web3-based digital twins CS2023-6
Kenji Kanai (U Tokyo/Waseda Univ.), Hidenori Nakazato (Waseda Univ.), Taku Yamazaki, Sumiko Miyata (Shibaura Institute of Technology), Hidehiro Kanemitsu (Tokyo University of Technology), Aramu Mine (Gaiax), Shintaro Mori (Fukuoka University), Hironobu Imamura (HAFT)
09:25-09:50 [Invited Lecture]
Activieis of micro mobility sercie realization at Kashiwa-no-ha smart city CS2023-7
Hironobu Imamura (HAFT)
09:50-10:15 [Invited Lecture]
Range Queries with Content Versioning on IPFS CS2023-8
Hidehiro Kanemitsu (TUT), Kenji Kanai, Hidenori Nakazato (WAS)
10:15-10:40 [Invited Lecture]
Information Centric Networking for Realization of Web3-based Digital Twins CS2023-9
Hidenori Nakazato, Kenji Kanai (Waseda Univ.)
  10:40-10:45 Break ( 5 min. )
Fri, May 19 PM 
10:45 - 13:25
10:45-11:10 [Invited Lecture]
A Blockchain System for IoT Data Reliability Assurance CS2023-10
Aramu Mine (Gaiax)
11:10-11:35 [Invited Lecture]
Data Transaction Model for Realization of Co-Creation Digital Twin CS2023-11
Sumiko Miyata (SIT), Kenji Kanai (Waseda Univ), Taku Yamazaki (SIT)
11:35-12:00 [Invited Lecture]
An Experiment Environment Using Self-Standing Smart Poles for City Airspace CS2023-12
Taku Yamazaki, Sumiko Miyata, Ryoichi Shinkuma, Takumi Miyoshi (Shibaura Inst. Tech.)
12:00-12:25 [Invited Lecture]
A Study on Information-centric Wireless Sensor Networks CS2023-13
Shintaro Mori (Fukuoka Univ.)
  12:25-13:25 Lunch Break ( 60 min. )
Fri, May 19 PM 
13:25 - 14:00
13:25-13:55 [Invited Talk]
Overview of IEEE 802.11ah for IoT Wireless LAN and efficient Transmission Technique CQ2023-5
Shoko Shinohara, Yusuke Asai, Yasushi Takatori (NTT)
  13:55-14:00 Break ( 5 min. )
Fri, May 19 PM 
14:00 - 14:50
14:00-14:25 Evaluation of Image Quality and Viewing Environment in a Surveillance System Using an Omnidirectional Camera CQ2023-6 Yuki Norimatsu (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.), Ryoto Kato (Technical Univ. of Munich), Takashi Nishitsuji (Toho Univ.), Takuya Asaka (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
14:25-14:50 The Effect of Content Placement Strategies in ICN/CCN on Quality of Multi-View Video and Audio Transmission CQ2023-7 Yoshiyuki Takada, Toshiro Nunome (Nagoya Inst. of Tech)
  14:50-14:55 Break ( 5 min. )
Fri, May 19 PM 
14:55 - 15:40
14:55-15:35 [Special Invited Talk]
Recent research and development of wireless techniques for realizing 6G/IOWN concept CS2023-14
Takeshi Onizawa, Naoki Kita, Toshifumi Miyagi, Fumihiro Yamashita (NTT)
  15:35-15:40 Break ( 5 min. )
Fri, May 19 PM 
15:40 - 17:00
15:40-16:05 A Study on Traffic Aggregation Control for Base Station Power Saving by Optical-Wireless Cooperative Control CS2023-15 Karin Umeda, Kenji Miyamoto, Yoshihito Sakai, Tatsuya Shimada, Tomoaki Yoshida (NTT)
16:05-16:30 Demonstration of IQ channel multiplexing coherent polarization multiplexing 4ASK signal in downlink transmission with distance difference in access span CS2023-16 Keiji Shimada, Mizuki Inagaki (Kagawa Univ), Ryosuke Matsumoto (AIST), Takahiro Kodama (Kagawa Univ)
16:30-16:55 Study of the symbol time arrangement of Two-type modulation for Duobinary-coded Time Domain Hybrid PAM System CS2023-17 Fumiya Kobori, Keita Tanaka, Ayumu Kariya, Takahiro Kodama (Kagawa Univ)
  16:55-17:00 Closing remark ( 5 min. )

Announcement for Speakers
General Talk (依頼講演含む)Each speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.
Invited TalkEach speech will have 25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

Contact Address and Latest Schedule Information
CQ Technical Committee on Communication Quality (CQ)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Noritsugu Egi (NTT)
Hiroshi Yamamoto (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
E--mail: cq_-n 
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CS Technical Committee on Communication Systems (CS)   [Latest Schedule]
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