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Technical Committee on Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) [schedule] [select]
Chair Naoki Shinohara (Kyoto Univ.)
Secretary Kenjiro Nishikawa (Kagoshima Univ.), Masaya Tamura (Toyohashi Univ. of Tech.)
Assistant Takashi Hikagae (Hokkaido Univ.), Tsunayuki Yamamoto (Yamaguchi Univ.)

Conference Date Thu, Dec 10, 2015 09:00 - 18:10
Fri, Dec 11, 2015 10:00 - 17:40
Topics 2015 Asian Wireless Power Transfer Workshop (AWPT2015) 
Conference Place Tamsui Campus, TamKang University 
Address No.151, Yingzhuan Rd. Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 25137, Taiwan
Transportation Guide
Announcement The registration information is available.
Conference Banquet will be held at the evening of Dec.10.

Thu, Dec 10 AM  Keynote
09:00 - 09:50
(1) 09:00-09:50 [Keynote Address]
Intriguing Wireless Power Transfer in Water
Ikuo Awai (Ryutech Corporation)
  09:50-10:00 Break ( 10 min. )
Thu, Dec 10 AM  Circuit-1
10:00 - 11:40
(2) 10:00-10:20 Development of High Power Rectifier of 2.45 GHz using GaN Schottky Barrier Diodes with high thermal conductive AlN submounts Takaki Nishimura, Tomohiko Mitani, Naoki Shinohara (Kyoto Univ.), Masaki Ueno, Masaya Okada, Yuusuke Yoshizumi (SEI)
(3) 10:20-10:40 A 23mW with High-Efficiency Inductive Link Power Supply Circuit, Differential-Driven CMOS Rectifier and Multiple LDOs at 200MHz in 0.18 ?m CMOS Process. Cheng-Wei Yang, Horng-Yuan Shih (New Taipei City Tamkang Univ)
(4) 10:40-11:00 Design Method of Transmitter Voltage and Load Impedance for Multiple Transmitter/Receiver Wireless Power Transfer via Magnetic Resonant Coupling Hiroki Narita, Takafumi Koseki (Univ. Tokyo)
(5) 11:00-11:20 Sakihara-Moebius Harmonometer to Measure Simultaneous Voltage and Current on Nonlinear Devices and Circuits Masaru Tanaka, Kyohei Yamada, Naoki Sakai, Takashi Ohira (TUT)
(6) 11:20-11:40 Impedance Matching Circuit Optimization for a Miniature EVER System from Hyperbolic Geometry Kyohei Yamada, Naoki Sakai, Takashi Ohira (Toyohashi Univ. Tech.)
  11:40-13:00 Lunch Break ( 80 min. )
Thu, Dec 10 PM  IEEE Distinguished Lecture
13:00 - 13:50
  - Welcome to Three kQ Product Theorems in Wireless Power Transfer
○Takashi Ohira(Toyohashi Univ. Tech.)
  13:50-14:00 Break ( 10 min. )
Thu, Dec 10 PM  Near Field-1
14:00 - 15:20
(7) 14:00-14:20 Application of Pair Resonators to the WPT System Ryuji Ito, Toshio Ishizaki (Ryukoku Univ), Ikuo Awai (Ryutech corp)
(8) 14:20-14:40 Basic Study on Wireless Power Transfer in Shielded Space with Scatterers Based on Waveguide Theory Yosuke Watanabe, Ippei Takano, Masaya Tamura (Toyohashi Tech)
(9) 14:40-15:00 Prototype Development of Magnetic Resonant Wireless Power Transfer System for Low Power Devices in the Use Cases with Vehicles Osamu Maeshima, Kazuaki Oozeki, Jun Sawamoto (Iwate Prefectural Univ.)
(10) 15:00-15:20 Optimum Resonator Configuration for Coupled-Resonator Undersea WPT systems Dai Futagami, Kawabe Kentaro, Toshio Ishizaki (Ryukoku Univ.), Ikuo Awai (Ryutech corp.)
  15:20-15:30 Break ( 10 min. )
Thu, Dec 10 PM  Antenna
15:30 - 17:10
(11) 15:30-15:50 Antenna Design of Metal Housing Environment for Near Field Communication Min-Sen Guo, Ding-Bing Lin, Chia-Yu Wang (Nat'l Taipei Univ. of Tech.)
(12) 15:50-16:10 Transmission Characterisitics of Wireless Power Transfer with Self-Resonant Antenna Using an Existing Structure as a Repeater Shohei Fukasawa, Keigo Nakamura, Hiroshi Hirayama (NIT)
(13) 16:10-16:30 The Design of Antenna Coil for Wireless Power Transmission and Multiband Wireless Communication. Yu-Jen Chi (Tamkang University)
(14) 16:30-16:50 Study on a Dipole Array Antenna with Reflector for Non-Leak MPT System to Vehicles Yu Tsukamoto, Takayuki Matsumuro (Kyoto Univ.), Hiroshi Tonomura (Volvo), Tomohiko Mitani, Naoki Shinohara (Kyoto Univ.)
(15) 16:50-17:10 Transmission Characteristics of Tape-wound Spiral Antenna for Coupled Resonant Wireless Power Transfer Keigo Nakamura, Hiroshi Hirayama (Nagoya Inst. of Tech.)
  17:10-17:20 Break ( 10 min. )
Thu, Dec 10 PM  Keynote
17:20 - 18:10
(16) 17:20-18:10 [Keynote Address]
Small-cell Structured HetNet for 5G Mobile Communications
Fumiyuki Adachi (Tohoku Univ.)
Fri, Dec 11 AM  Keynote
10:00 - 10:50
(17) 10:00-10:50 [Keynote Address]
Transceiver and Receiver Chip Design for A4WP System in High Voltage 0.25?? CMOS Technology
Heng-Ming Hsu (National Chung Hsing University)
  10:50-11:00 Break ( 10 min. )
Fri, Dec 11 AM  Simulation
11:00 - 12:20
(18) 11:00-11:20 Numerical Estimation of Induced Interference Voltage at Implantable Cardiac Pacemaker Due to HF-band Wireless Power Transfer Naoki Tanaka, Takashi Hikage, Toshio Nojima (Hokkaido Univ.)
(19) 11:20-11:40 Wireless power transfer system immune to dielectric matter Yoshikawa Tatsuya, Yanjun Zhang (Ryukoku Univ.)
(20) 11:40-12:00 An Optimization Method of Wireless Charging of Placement Yang-Han Lee, (Tamkang University), Le-Pong Chin (Shih Chien University), Liang-Yu Yen, Chih-Yuan Lo, Ting-Wei Lin, Yu-De Laio (Tamkang University)
(21) 12:00-12:20 A Indoor Searching Method of Wireless Charging Equipment Le-Pong Chin (Shih Chien Univ.), Yang-Han Lee, Chih-Yuan Lo, Laing-Yu Yen, Ting-Wei Lin, Yu-De Laio (Tamkang Univ.)
  12:20-13:30 Lunch Break ( 70 min. )
Fri, Dec 11 PM  Keynote
13:30 - 14:20
(22) 13:30-14:20 [Keynote Address]
Efficiency Enhancement of the Rectenna and the Near Field Coupled Antenna Pair Designs for Wireless Power Transmission
Ding-Bing Lin (National Taipei University of Technology)
  14:20-14:30 Break ( 10 min. )
Fri, Dec 11 PM  Circuit-2
14:30 - 16:10
(23) 14:30-14:50 Wide Dynamic Range Rectifier with Adaptive Power Control Technique Ryuya Tanaka, Hiroto Sakaki, Makoto Kuroki, Fumito Kuroiwa, Kenjiro Nishikawa (Kagoshima Univ.)
(24) 14:50-15:10 Efficient Backside-illuminated CMOS photovoltaic devices for wireless energy transfer applications Yung-Jr Hung (NSYSU)
(25) 15:10-15:30 Extraction of Complex Permittivity for Liquid Phase under RF High Power Kyohei Yamamoto, Yasumasa Naka, Masaya Tamura (Toyohashi Univ. Tech.)
(26) 15:30-15:50 Inspecting the Roles and Several Issues of WPT on Earth System and Human Society Ching-Lieh Li, MengWei Chen (Tamkang Univ.)
(27) 15:50-16:10 Optical Communication applied to Wireless Power Transfer Charge mechanism of Internet of Things Device ChiShiun Chiou, YangHan Lee (Tamkang Univ.), LePong Chin (Shih Chien Univ), Qiaowei Yuan (Sendai National College of Technology)
  16:10-16:20 Break ( 10 min. )
Fri, Dec 11 PM  Near Field-2
16:20 - 17:40
(28) 16:20-16:40 Experimental Test for Wireless Power Transmission Using Different Receivers Chia-Ying Yu (Tamkang Univ.), Po-Yuan Cheng (Lite-On), Chien-Ching Chiu, Po-Hsuan Huang (Tamkang Univ.)
(29) 16:40-17:00 Efficiency Improvement of Near Field Wireless Power Transfer System by Parasitic Element Array Shun Maruyama, Qiang Chen (Tohoku Univ.), Qiaowei Yuan (Sendai College)
(30) 17:00-17:20 Study of Wireless Charging Coil Embedded in Print Circuit Board Yun-Hsih Chou (St. John・s Univ.), Qiaowei Yuan (Sendai National College of Technology), Hsiao-Yu Huang (St. John・s University), Liang-Yu Yen, Ting-Wei Lin (Tamkang Univ.)
(31) 17:20-17:40 Study of the Coil Shape on Wireless Charging Efficiency Hsien-Wei Tseng (Ningde Normal Univ.), Qiaowei Yuan (Sendai National College of Technology), Liang-Yu Yen, Ting-Wei Lin, Guo-Zhen Wu (Tamkang Univ.)

Announcement for Speakers
General TalkEach speech will have 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

Contact Address and Latest Schedule Information
WPT Technical Committee on Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Hikage(Hokkaido Univ.),Yamamoto(Yamaguchi Univ.)

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