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Technical Committee on Electromechanical Devices (EMD) [schedule] [select]
Chair Makoto Hasegawa (Chitose Inst. of Science and Tech.)
Vice Chair Junya Sekikawa (Shizuoka Univ.), Nobuhiro Kuga (Yokohama National Univ.)
Secretary Yasuhiro Hattori (Sumitomo Denso), Yoshiteru Abe (NTT)
Assistant Takahiro Ueno (Nippon Inst. of Tech.)

Technical Committee on Component Parts and Materials (CPM) [schedule] [select]
Chair Yasushi Takano (Shizuoka Univ.)
Vice Chair Satoru Noge (Numazu National College of Tech.)
Secretary Koji Enbutsu (NTT), Tomomasa Sato (Kanagawa Univ.)
Assistant Junichi Kodate (NTT), Nobuyuki Iwata (Nihon Univ.)

Technical Committee on Organic Molecular Electronics (OME) [schedule] [select]
Chair Keizo Kato (Niigata Univ.)
Vice Chair Naoki Matsuda (AIST)
Secretary Tatsuo Mori (Aichi Inst. of Tech.), Kiyoshi Takimoto (Canon)
Assistant Akihiro Kohno (NTT), Shinichiro Inoue (NICT)

Conference Date Fri, Jun 21, 2013 09:00 - 17:20
Topics Summer meeting for materials and devices 
Conference Place  
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Fri, Jun 21 AM 
09:00 - 12:00
  09:00-09:05 Opening Address ( 5 min. )
(1) 09:05-09:25 Probing of internal electric field in multilayer-type organic thin film solar cells by using electric-field-induced optical second-harmonic generation measurement EMD2013-7 CPM2013-22 OME2013-30 Ryota Sumiyoshi, Dai Taguchi, Takaaki Manaka, Mitsumasa Iwamoto (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
(2) 09:25-09:45 Direct evaluation of anisotropic carrier mobility in organic semiconductor films by using time-resolved EFISHG measurement EMD2013-8 CPM2013-23 OME2013-31 Kentaro Abe, Takaaki Manaka, Mitsumasa Iwamoto (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
(3) 09:45-10:05 Pattern Formation Using Photoreactive Spin-Coated Film and its Application to Device Fabrication EMD2013-9 CPM2013-24 OME2013-32 Hirosato Kato, Kuniaki Tanaka, Hiroaki Usui (Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Tech.)
(4) 10:05-10:25 Flexibility of the Organic Transistor Calculated by the Finite Element Analysis EMD2013-10 CPM2013-25 OME2013-33 Masatoshi Sakai, Yota Yamazaki, Shohei Yamaguchi, Jyunro Hayashi, Kazuhiro Kudo (Chiba Univ.)
  10:25-10:40 Break ( 15 min. )
(5) 10:40-11:00 Multi-color fluorescence technique for light emission devices using lateral field emission phenomenon EMD2013-11 CPM2013-26 OME2013-34 Yu Miura, Tomomasa Satoh, Takashi Hirate (Kanagawa Univ.)
(6) 11:00-11:20 Simultaneous control of In-plane Orientation and Chirality of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Cold-Wall Chemical Vapor Deposition Method EMD2013-12 CPM2013-27 OME2013-35 Takumi Sagara, Yusaku Tsuda, Keisuke Yoshida (Nihon Univ.), Koji Ishii, Hirofumi Yajima (Tokyo Univ. of Sicence), Nobuyuki Iwata, Hiroshi Yamamoto (Nihon Univ.)
(7) 11:20-11:40 Electric Properties of C60Whiskers Directly Grown between Electrodes EMD2013-13 CPM2013-28 OME2013-36 Katsuya Uruchida, Nobuyuki Iwata, Hiroshi Yamamoto (Nihon Univ.)
(8) 11:40-12:00 Growth rate and photoconductivity of PbS thin films prepared by chemical bath deposition EMD2013-14 CPM2013-29 OME2013-37 Daiki Masu, Yasushi Takano (Shizuoka Univ.)
  12:00-13:00 Lunch Break ( 60 min. )
Fri, Jun 21 PM 
13:00 - 13:50
(9) 13:00-13:50  
  13:50-14:00 Break ( 10 min. )
Fri, Jun 21 PM 
14:00 - 17:20
(10) 14:00-14:20 An experimental study on influences of contact opening speeds on break arc durations of Ag and AgSnO2 contacts EMD2013-15 CPM2013-30 OME2013-38 Makoto Hasegawa (Chitose Inst. of Science and Tech.)
(11) 14:20-14:40 An Estimation of the Microstructure of Wheel-Rail Contact Surface using a Two-Dimensional Device Simulator EMD2013-16 CPM2013-31 OME2013-39 Takashi Toyama (RTRI)
(12) 14:40-15:00 Degradation Phenomenon of Electrical Contacts by using a Hammering Oscillating Mechanism or a Micro-Sliding Mechanism
-- A fundamental study on the performance of the hammering oscillating mechanism (27) --
EMD2013-17 CPM2013-32 OME2013-40
Shin-ichi Wada, Keiji Koshida, Naoki Masuda, Kunio Yanagi, Hiroaki Kubota (TMC), Koichiro Sawa (NIT)
(13) 15:00-15:20 Basic Study on Fabrication Process Conditions of Micro-Spring Arrays for LSI interconnection EMD2013-18 CPM2013-33 OME2013-41 Chinami Kaneshiro, Kyota Kishimoto (Okinawa NCT)
  15:20-15:35 Break ( 15 min. )
(14) 15:35-15:55 Crystal Structure Analysis and Magnetic Properties of Ferromagnetic Metal/c-, r- oriented Cr2O3 Multilayer. EMD2013-19 CPM2013-34 OME2013-42 Takuji Kuroda, Takumi Nakamura, Yutaro Hayashi, Takashi Sumida, Nobuyuki Iwata, Hiroshi Yamamoto (Nihon Univ.)
(15) 15:55-16:15 Crystal growth of the Cr2O3 thin films on LiNbO3 Substrates EMD2013-20 CPM2013-35 OME2013-43 Takumi Nakamura, Takuji Kuroda, Nobuyuki Iwata, Hiroshi Yamamoto (Nihon Univ.)
(16) 16:15-16:35 Chemical Bath Deposition of CuO and ZnO Films and Formation of pn Heterojunction EMD2013-21 CPM2013-36 OME2013-44 Tomoaki Terasako, Toshihiro Murakami, Masayuki Kitamine (Ehime Univ.), Masakazu Yagi (Kagawa Nat. Coll. Technol.), Sho Shirakata (Ehime Univ.)
(17) 16:35-16:55 Effect of N2O doping on the properties of ZnO thin films grown using high-energy H2O generated by a catalytic reaction EMD2013-22 CPM2013-37 OME2013-45 Naoya Yamaguchi, Yuki Ohashi, Eichi Nagatomi, Yasuhiro Tamayama, Takahiro Kato, Kanji Yasui (Nagaoka Univ. of Tech.)
(18) 16:55-17:15 ZnO film growth using high-energy H2O generated by a catalytic reaction
-- Effect of low-temperature buffer layer --
EMD2013-23 CPM2013-38 OME2013-46
Kazuki Takezawa, Tomoki Nakamura, Takahiro Oyanagi, Takahiro Kato (Nagaoka Univ. of Tech.), Hironori Katagiri, Koichiro Oishi, Kazuo Jimbo (Nagaoka. Nat. Coll. Technol.), Kanji Yasui (Nagaoka Univ. of Tech.)
  17:15-17:20 Closing Address ( 5 min. )

Announcement for Speakers
General TalkEach speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

Contact Address and Latest Schedule Information
EMD Technical Committee on Electromechanical Devices (EMD)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Junya Sekikawa (Shizuoka Univ.)
TEL (053) 478-1618、FAX (053) 478-1618
E--mail: tjkipc
Nobuhiro Kuga(Yokohama National Univ.)
TEL (045)339-4279、FAX (045)339-4279
E--mail: y
Yasuhiro Hattori(Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.)
TEL (059)382-8634、FAX (059)382-8591
E--mail: -tsws
Yoshiteru Abe(NTT Photonics Lab.)]
TEL (046)240-2262、FAX (046)270-6421
E--mail: abe 
Announcement Latest information will be presented on the homepage:
CPM Technical Committee on Component Parts and Materials (CPM)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Tomomasa Sato (Kanagawa Univ.)
TEL +81-45-481-5661, FAX +81-45-491-7915
E--mail: ut02-u 
OME Technical Committee on Organic Molecular Electronics (OME)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address  

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