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Technical Committee on Infomation-Based Induction Sciences and Machine Learning (IBISML) [schedule] [select]
Chair Ichiro Takeuchi (Nagoya Inst. of Tech.)
Vice Chair Masashi Sugiyama (Univ. of Tokyo)
Secretary Koji Tsuda (Univ. of Tokyo), Toshihiro Kamishima (AIST)
Assistant Tomoharu Iwata (NTT), Atsuyoshi Nakamura (Hokkaido Univ.)

Conference Date Tue, Mar 8, 2022 10:00 - 16:50
Wed, Mar 9, 2022 09:00 - 15:45
Topics Machine Learning, etc. 
Conference Place  
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Registration Fee This workshop will be held as the IEICE workshop in fully electronic publishing. Registration fee will be necessary except the speakers and participants other than the participants to workshop(s) in non-electronic publishing. See the registration fee page. We request the registration fee or presentation fee to participants who will attend the workshop(s) on IBISML.

Tue, Mar 8 AM 
10:00 - 11:45
(1) 10:00-10:25 Estimating average causal effect of intervention in continuous variables using machine learning IBISML2021-30 Yoshiaki Kitazawa (MSI)
(2) 10:25-10:50 Robust computation of optimal transport by β-potential regularization IBISML2021-31 Shintaro Nakamura (Univ. Tokyo), Han Bao (Univ.Tokyo/RIKEN), Masashi Sugiyama (RIKEN/Univ. Tokyo)
  10:50-10:55 ( 5 min. )
(3) 10:55-11:20 Real log canonical threshold of reduced rank regression when inputs are on a low dimensional hyperplane IBISML2021-32 Joe Hirose, Sumio Watanabe (Tokyo Tech)
(4) 11:20-11:45 Tree-Structured Generative Model with Latent Variables and Approximate Variational Bayesian Inference IBISML2021-33 Naoki Ichijo, Yuta Nakahara (Waseda Univ.), Shota Saito (Gunma Univ.), Toshiyasu Matsushima (Waseda Univ.)
Tue, Mar 8 PM 
13:00 - 16:40
  13:00-13:05 ( 5 min. )
(1) 13:05-13:45 [Invited Talk]
--- IBISML2021-34
Takashi Matsubara (Osaka Univ.)
(2) 13:45-14:25 [Invited Talk]
--- IBISML2021-35
Saku Sugawara (NII)
(3) 14:25-15:05 [Invited Talk]
--- IBISML2021-36
Yuichi Yoshida (NII)
  15:05-15:15 ( 10 min. )
(4) 15:15-15:55 [Invited Talk]
Distributed AI for Dynamic and Diverse Environments IBISML2021-37
Shinya Takamaeda (Tokyo Univ.)
(5) 15:55-16:35 [Invited Talk]
--- IBISML2021-38
Masaaki Imaizumi (Tokyo Univ.)
  16:35-16:40 ( 5 min. )
Tue, Mar 8 PM 
Chair: Mahito Sugiyama
16:40 - 16:50
  16:40-16:50 ( 10 min. )
Wed, Mar 9 AM 
09:00 - 12:25
  09:00-09:05 ( 5 min. )
(6) 09:05-09:40 [Invited Talk]
--- IBISML2021-39
Koji Fukagata (Keio Univ.)
(7) 09:40-10:15 [Invited Talk]
--- IBISML2021-40
Satoru Tokuda (Kyushu Univ.)
(8) 10:15-10:50 [Invited Talk]
--- IBISML2021-41
Takahiro Tsukahara (Tokyo University of Science)
  10:50-11:00 ( 10 min. )
(9) 11:00-11:35 [Invited Talk]
--- IBISML2021-42
Yoshinobu Kawahara (Kyushu Univ.)
(10) 11:35-12:10 [Invited Talk]
--- IBISML2021-43
Masanobu Horie (RICOS Co. Ltd.)
(11) 12:10-12:20 [Invited Talk]
Susumu Goto (Osaka Univ.)
  12:20-12:25 ( 5 min. )
Wed, Mar 9 PM 
13:30 - 15:45
(12) 13:30-13:55 Is the Performance of My Deep Network Too Good to Be True?
-- A Direct Approach to Estimating the Bayes Error in Binary Classification --
Takashi Ishida (UTokyo), Ikko Yamane (Université Paris Dauphine-PSL/RIKEN), Nontawat Charoenphakdee (UTokyo), Gang Niu (RIKEN), Masashi Sugiyama (RIKEN/UTokyo)
(13) 13:55-14:20 Learning coefficients of deep linear neural networks IBISML2021-45 Ryuji Ito, Miki Aoyagi, Seikai Ashizawa, Yuki Tsukamoto (Nihon Univ.), Daisuke Kaji (Denso)
(14) 14:20-14:45 IBISML2021-46
  14:45-14:55 ( 10 min. )
(15) 14:55-15:20 Infinite SCAN: Joint Estimation of Changes and the Number of Word Senses with Gaussian Markov Random Fields IBISML2021-47 Seiichi Inoue, Mamoru Komachi (TMU), Toshinobu Ogiso (NINJAL), Hiroya Takamura (AIST), Daichi Mochihashi (ISM)
(16) 15:20-15:45 Classification of Hematoma Markers IBISML2021-48 Tsuyoshi Okita, Hokuto Hirano, Kanta Moriyama (Kyutech), Koichi Arimura, Nobutaka Mukae (Kyudai), Koji Iihara (Kokujyun)

Announcement for Speakers
General TalkEach speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

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IBISML Technical Committee on Infomation-Based Induction Sciences and Machine Learning (IBISML)   [Latest Schedule]
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