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Technical Committee on Reliability (R) [schedule] [select]
Chair Akira Asato (Fujitsu)
Vice Chair Tadashi Dohi (Hiroshima Univ.)
Secretary Nobuyuki Tamura (Hosei Univ.), Shinji Inoue (Kansai Univ.)
Assistant Hiroyuki Okamura (Hiroshima Univ.), Shinji Yokogawa (Univ. of Electro-Comm.)

Technical Committee on Electromechanical Devices (EMD) [schedule] [select]
Chair Shinichi Wada (TMC System)
Vice Chair Yoshiki Kayano (Univ. of Electro-Comm.)
Secretary Kenji Suzuki (Fuji Electric), Masato Mizukami (Muroran Inst. of Tech.)
Assistant Yuichi Hayashi (NAIST)

Technical Committee on Component Parts and Materials (CPM) [schedule] [select]
Chair Mayumi Takeyama (Kitami Inst. of Tech.)
Vice Chair Yuichi Nakamura (Toyohashi Univ. of Tech.)
Secretary Hideki Nakazawa (Hirosaki Univ.)
Assistant Yasuo Kimura (Tokyo Univ. of Tech.), Tomoaki Terasako (Ehime Univ.), Fumihiko Hirose (Yamagata Univ.)

Technical Committee on OptoElectronics (OPE) [schedule] [select]
Chair Hiroshi Takahashi (Sophia Univ.)
Vice Chair Goji Nakagawa (Fujitsu Labs.)
Secretary Yuya Shoji (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Kazunori Seno (NTT)
Assistant Kenta Miura (Gunma Univ.), Yuki Wakayama (Hitachi)

Technical Committee on Lasers and Quantum Electronics (LQE) [schedule] [select]
Chair Hiroshi Aruga (Mitsubishi Electric)
Vice Chair Hiroshi Yasaka (Tohoku Univ.)
Secretary Yasumasa Kawakita (Furukawa Electric Industries), Masaya Nagai (Osaka Univ.)
Assistant Fumito Nakajima (NTT)

Conference Date Thu, Aug 22, 2019 13:00 - 17:30
Fri, Aug 23, 2019 09:00 - 15:20
Conference Place  
Sponsors This conference is co-sponsored by Reliability Engineering Association of Japan, IEEE Reliability Society Japan Chapter.
All rights are reserved and no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. Notwithstanding, instructors are permitted to photocopy isolated articles for noncommercial classroom use without fee. (License No.: 10GA0019/12GB0052/13GB0056/17GB0034/18GB0034)
Registration Fee This workshop will be held as the IEICE workshop in fully electronic publishing. Registration fee will be necessary except the speakers and participants other than the participants to workshop(s) in non-electronic publishing. See the registration fee page. We request the registration fee or presentation fee to participants who will attend the workshop(s) on LQE, OPE, CPM, EMD, R.

Thu, Aug 22 PM 
13:00 - 14:50
  13:00-13:05 ( 5 min. )
(1) 13:05-13:15  
(2) 13:15-13:30 [Invited Talk]
Ultra-high-speed optical transceivers in the Beyond Terra era
-- IMDD vs coherent viewed from the system side --
R2019-19 EMD2019-17 CPM2019-18 OPE2019-46 LQE2019-24
Hiroshi Onaka (Fujitsu Ltd.)
(3) 13:30-13:45 [Invited Talk]
Progress of InP-based Monolithically Integrated Photonic Devices and Future Prospect Towards Beyond Tbps Era R2019-20 EMD2019-18 CPM2019-19 OPE2019-47 LQE2019-25
Hideki Yagi (SEI)
(4) 13:45-14:00 [Invited Talk]
Development of wavelength tunable laser for optical communications R2019-21 EMD2019-19 CPM2019-20 OPE2019-48 LQE2019-26
Hiroyuki Ishii (Furukawa Electric Co.)
(5) 14:00-14:15 [Invited Talk]
Multi wavelength light source with microresonator frequency comb
-- Trends and perspectives --
R2019-22 EMD2019-20 CPM2019-21 OPE2019-49 LQE2019-27
Takasumi Tanabe, Shun Fujii, Shuya Tanaka, Satoki Kawanishi, Tamiki Ohtsuka (Keio)
(6) 14:15-14:30 [Invited Talk]
Ultra boradband digital coherent technologies for 1Tb/s channel rate and beyond R2019-23 EMD2019-21 CPM2019-22 OPE2019-50 LQE2019-28
Takayuki Kobayashi (NTT)
(7) 14:30-14:50  
  14:50-15:05 Break ( 15 min. )
Thu, Aug 22 PM 
Chair: Taro Arakawa (Yokohama National University)
15:05 - 15:50
(8) 15:05-15:50 [Invited Talk]
Latest standardization trend for high speed optical transceivers and optical components
-- from the view point towards beyond Tera era --
R2019-24 EMD2019-22 CPM2019-23 OPE2019-51 LQE2019-29
Hideki Isono (FOC)
  15:50-16:00 Break ( 10 min. )
Thu, Aug 22 PM 
16:00 - 17:30
(9) 16:00-16:45 [Invited Talk]
Reconsideration of TDDB Statistics of Thick Dielectric Films Used in SiC/GaN Power/RF Devices and Image Sensors R2019-25 EMD2019-23 CPM2019-24 OPE2019-52 LQE2019-30
Kenji Okada (TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor)
(10) 16:45-17:30 [Invited Talk]
3D Flash Memory Cell Reliability R2019-26 EMD2019-24 CPM2019-25 OPE2019-53 LQE2019-31
Yuichiro Mitani, Harumi Seki, Takanori Asano, Yasushi Nakasaki (Toshiba Memory)
Fri, Aug 23 AM 
09:00 - 10:30
(11) 09:00-09:10  
(12) 09:10-09:25 [Invited Talk]
Grid Free WDM System Using External Cavity Multi-Wavelength Laser R2019-27 EMD2019-25 CPM2019-26 OPE2019-54 LQE2019-32
Kei Masuyama, Mizuki Shirao, Nobuo Ohata (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.), Nobuhiko Nishiyama (Tokyo Tech), Kiyotomo Hasegawa (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
(13) 09:25-09:40 [Invited Talk]
Prospect of hybrid optical modulators using III-V membrane R2019-28 EMD2019-26 CPM2019-27 OPE2019-55 LQE2019-33
Mitsuru Takenaka, Qiang Li, Naoki Sekine, Shinichi Takagi (Univ.Tokyo)
(14) 09:40-09:55 [Invited Talk]
High Function Semiconductor Lasers for Next Generation Optical Communication Systems R2019-29 EMD2019-27 CPM2019-28 OPE2019-56 LQE2019-34
Hiroshi Yasaka, Nobuhide Yokota, Kanno Mitsunari, Sato Shouta (Tohoku Univ.)
(15) 09:55-10:10 [Invited Talk]
Simplified optical transceiver configurations for low-cost coherent transmission R2019-30 EMD2019-28 CPM2019-29 OPE2019-57 LQE2019-35
Takuo Tanemura (Univ. Tokyo), Shota Ishimura (Univ. Tokyo/KDDI Research), Peng Zhou, Takahiro Suganuma, Yoshiaki Nakano (Univ. Tokyo)
(16) 10:10-10:30  
  10:30-10:40 Break ( 10 min. )
Fri, Aug 23 PM 
10:40 - 11:50
(17) 10:40-11:25 [Invited Talk]
Analysis of creep deformation in optical fiber connector for long-term reliability prediction R2019-31 EMD2019-29 CPM2019-30 OPE2019-58 LQE2019-36
Kota Shikama, Atsushi Aratake (NTT), Yasuhiro Koike (Keio Univ.)
(18) 11:25-11:50 Optical deflector parameter measurement method for high precision of optical deflection technology using wavelength swept light source and diffraction grating R2019-32 EMD2019-30 CPM2019-31 OPE2019-59 LQE2019-37 Masahiro Ueno, Yuichi Akage, Souichi Oka (NTT)
  11:50-13:10 ( 80 min. )
Fri, Aug 23 PM 
13:10 - 15:20
(19) 13:10-13:35 Study of Displacement Sensing Technique Using Fabry-Perot Interferometer with Optical Fibers R2019-33 EMD2019-31 CPM2019-32 OPE2019-60 LQE2019-38 Kaoru Kuribayashi, Ryo Nagase (CIT), Satoru Wada (KURAHASHI INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. SEISMIC INSTRUMENTS GROUP), Akio Kobayashi (TOKYO SOKUSHIN CO., LTD.)
(20) 13:35-14:00 Polarization dependent loss of fiber optic strain gauge R2019-34 EMD2019-32 CPM2019-33 OPE2019-61 LQE2019-39 Ryota Kuramochi, Kentaro Matsuda, Ryo Nagase (CIT)
(21) 14:00-14:25 Study on pressure measurement accuracy improvement using Band-pass filter On Fiber-end R2019-35 EMD2019-33 CPM2019-34 OPE2019-62 LQE2019-40 Kentaro Matsuda, Ryo Nagase (CIT)
(22) 14:25-14:50 Stability of the Fiber-Optic Sensing Technique of Solution Consistency Measurement R2019-36 EMD2019-34 CPM2019-35 OPE2019-63 LQE2019-41 Yuusuke Aoki (CIT), Hiroyuki Horiki (Hyson), Ryo Nagase (CIT)
(23) 14:50-15:15 CFRP Acoustic Emission sensing technique using optical fiber(4) R2019-37 EMD2019-35 CPM2019-36 OPE2019-64 LQE2019-42 Katsuki Suenaga, Ryo Takahashi, Kentaro Matsuda, Ryo Nagase (CIT)
  15:15-15:20 ( 5 min. )

Announcement for Speakers
General TalkEach speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

Contact Address and Latest Schedule Information
R Technical Committee on Reliability (R)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Hiroyuki Okamura (Hiroshima Univ.)
E-: -u 
EMD Technical Committee on Electromechanical Devices (EMD)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Shin-ichi Wada(TMC)
TEL +81-44-555-6171,FAX +81-44-211-4200
E-: s-tmysm
Yoshiki Kayano(Univ. of Electro-Comm.)
TEL&FAX +81-42-443-5233
E-: yc
Masato Mizukami(Muroran Institute of Technology)
TEL&FAX +81-143-46-5307
E-: m-mmmn-it
Kenji Suzuki (Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems)
TEL +81-48-547-1037,FAX +81-48-549-1825
E-: -knjelectc
Yuichi Hayashi(NAIST)
TEL +81-743-72-5390,FAX +81-743-72-5391
E-: -iisist 
Announcement Latest information will be presented on the homepage:
CPM Technical Committee on Component Parts and Materials (CPM)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address  
OPE Technical Committee on OptoElectronics (OPE)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Yuya Shoji (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
TEL. +81-3-5734 FAX. +81-3-5734-2578
E-: seee

Kazunori Seno (NTT)
TEL.+81-46-240-2250 FAX.+81-46-240-2107
E-: urhco 
LQE Technical Committee on Lasers and Quantum Electronics (LQE)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Yasumasa Kawakita (Furukawa Electric)
TEL +81-45-311-1219
E-: electc
Masaya Nagai (Osaka Univ.)
TEL +81-6-6850-6507
E-: mimpes-u 
Announcement Homepage of LQE is

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