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EMD, R, LQE, OPE, CPM 2022-08-26
(Primary: On-site, Secondary: Online)
[Invited Talk] Challenges for Polarization-Independent and Broadband Operation in Large-Scale Silicon Optical Switches
Keijiro Suzuki, Ryotaro Konoike, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Ryosuke Matsumoto, Takashi Inoue, Shu Namiki, Hitoshi Kawashima, Kazuhiro Ikeda (AIST) R2022-29 EMD2022-17 CPM2022-34 OPE2022-60 LQE2022-23
In this report, we describe our results on strictly-non-blocking multi-port switches using silicon photonics. We reporte... [more] R2022-29 EMD2022-17 CPM2022-34 OPE2022-60 LQE2022-23
(Joint) [detail]
Fukuoka   Low-Loss Multiport Connection Technique using Extremely-High-Δ PLC Technology
Junichi Hasegawa (Furukawa Electric), Kazuhiro Ikeda, Keijiro Suzuki (AIST), Tatsuhiro Sakai, Naoki Sato, Go Kobayashi, Noritaka Matsubara (Furukawa Electric), Hitoshi Kawashima (AIST) OFT2018-73 OPE2018-198
(Advance abstract in Japanese is available) [more] OFT2018-73 OPE2018-198
pp.19-22(OFT), pp.35-38(OPE)
PN, EMT, OPE, EST, MWP, LQE, IEE-EMT [detail] 2019-01-17
Osaka Osaka University Nakanoshima Center [Invited Talk] Performance improvement of large-scale silicon photonics switches
Kazuhiro Ikeda, Keijiro Suzuki, Ryotaro Konoike, Shu Namiki, Hitoshi Kawashima (AIST) PN2018-41 EMT2018-75 OPE2018-150 LQE2018-160 EST2018-88 MWP2018-59
Optical switches attract much attention as the key device to significantly improve the energy efficiency of networks suc... [more] PN2018-41 EMT2018-75 OPE2018-150 LQE2018-160 EST2018-88 MWP2018-59
LQE, OPE, SIPH 2018-12-07
Tokyo Keio University [Invited Talk] Large-scale silicon photonics circuits and packaging for optical switching
Kazuhiro Ikeda, Keijiro Suzuki, Ryotaro Konoike, Shu Namiki, Hitoshi Kawashima (AIST) OPE2018-135 LQE2018-145 SIPH2018-51
Data traffic in telecom and datacom is increasing rapidly, and thus high-throughput energy-efficient networks are highly... [more] OPE2018-135 LQE2018-145 SIPH2018-51
LQE, OPE, SIPH 2018-12-07
Tokyo Keio University [Invited Talk] A 300-mm-wafer silicon photonics technology for energy-efficient and advanced information systems
Koji Yamada, Tsuyoshi Horikawa, Makoto Okano, Guangwei Cong, Yuriko Maegami, Morifumi Ohno, Noritsugu Yamamoto, Keijiro Suzuki, Satoshi Suda, Ryotaro Konoike, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Kazuhiro Ikeda, Hitoshi Kawashima, Shu Namiki, Masahiko Mori (AIST) OPE2018-139 LQE2018-149 SIPH2018-55
State-of-the-art 300-mm-wafer-based silicon photonics technology features superior fabrication accuracy, in-wafer unifor... [more] OPE2018-139 LQE2018-149 SIPH2018-55
OPE, LQE, OCS 2018-10-18
Saga   Transmission of 8 × 32-Gbaud 16-QAM WDM Signals through an SOA-Integrated Lossless Silicon Photonics Switch
Ryotaro Konoike, Keijiro Suzuki, Takashi Inoue (AIST), Takeshi Matsumoto, Teruo Kurahashi, Ayahito Uetake, Kazumasa Takabayashi, Suguru Akiyama, Shigeaki Sekiguchi (Fujitsu Lab.), Shu Namiki, Hitoshi Kawashima, Kazuhiro Ikeda (AIST) OCS2018-32 OPE2018-68 LQE2018-57
We experimentally demonstrate 8-ch., 32-Gbaud 16-QAM WDM signals transmission through a lossless 4 × 4 silicon photonics... [more] OCS2018-32 OPE2018-68 LQE2018-57
LQE 2018-07-12
Hokkaido   Hybrid-Integration Technologies of InP-SOA on Silicon Optical Platform
Takeshi Matsumoto, Teruo Kurahashi (Fujitsu Lab), Ryotaro Konoike, Keijiro Suzuki, Ken Tanizawa (AIST), Ayahito Uetake, Kazumasa Takabayashi (Fujitsu Lab), Kazuhiro Ikeda, Hitoshi Kawashima (AIST), Suguru Akiyama, Shigeaki Sekiguchi (Fujitsu Lab) LQE2018-23
We investigated hybrid-integration technologies of semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) on Si optical platforms for o... [more] LQE2018-23
EMT, EST, LQE, MWP, OPE, PEM, PN, IEE-EMT [detail] 2018-01-26
Hyogo   Design of wavefront control type WSS and fold-back type WSS using silicon waveguides
Fumi Nakamura, Hideaki Asakura, Kyosuke Muramatsu (Keio Univ.), Keijiro Suzuki, Ken Tanizawa, Minoru Ohtsuka, Nobuyuki Yokoyama, Kazuyuki Matsumaro, Miyoshi Seki, Keiji Koshino, Kazuhiro Ikeda, Shu Namiki, Hitoshi Kawashima (AIST), Hiroyuki Tsuda (Keio Univ.) PN2017-85 EMT2017-122 OPE2017-163 LQE2017-145 EST2017-121 MWP2017-98
A wavelength selective switch (WSS) is an optical device for routing the wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) signal to... [more] PN2017-85 EMT2017-122 OPE2017-163 LQE2017-145 EST2017-121 MWP2017-98
LQE, OPE, OCS 2016-10-28
Miyazaki Miyazaki Citizen's Plaza Driving circuit for 32X32 Optical Matrix Switch using High-resolution Pulse-width Modulation
Hiroyuki Matsuura, Satoshi Suda, Ken Tanizawa, Keijiro Suzuki, kazuhiro Ikeda, Hitoshi Kawashima, Shu Namiki (AIST) OCS2016-46 OPE2016-87 LQE2016-62
A silicon photonic 32X32 strictly non-blocking matrix switch utilizing Mach-Zehnder (MZ) interferometers controlled by t... [more] OCS2016-46 OPE2016-87 LQE2016-62
PN 2016-03-07
Okinawa Okinawaken Seinenkaikan [Invited Talk] Fast and accurate calibration method for large-port-count Si-wire PILOSS optical switch
Satoshi Suda, Ken Tanizawa, Keijiro Suzuki, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Kazuhiro Ikeda, Shu Namiki, Hitoshi Kawashima (AIST) PN2015-113
 [more] PN2015-113
LQE, EST, OPE, EMT, PN, MWP, IEE-EMT, PEM [detail] 2016-01-29
Hyogo   [Invited Talk] Large-port-count optical switch based on silicon photonics
Kazuhiro Ikeda, Keijiro Suzuki, Ken Tanizawa, Shu Namiki, Hitoshi Kawashima (AIST) PN2015-78 EMT2015-129 OPE2015-191 LQE2015-178 EST2015-135 MWP2015-104
Large-port-count optical switches are the key device for emerging flexible networking, such as the dynamic optical netwo... [more] PN2015-78 EMT2015-129 OPE2015-191 LQE2015-178 EST2015-135 MWP2015-104
Fukui Fukui-shi-chiiki-kouryu 5x5 Wavelength Cross Connect Module -- Comparison between two switching Engine (MEMS Mirror vs. LCos) --
Hisato Uetsuka, Masao Tachikura, Kazuhiro Ikeda, Hitoshi Kawashima, Shu Namiki (AIST), Keiichi Ssasaki (Kitanihon Electric Cable) OCS2015-18
(Advance abstract in Japanese is available) [more] OCS2015-18
OCS, OPE 2015-05-15
Tokyo Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg(Tokyo) 32x32 Strictly Non-Blocking Si-Wire Optical Path Switch
Ken Tanizawa, Keijiro Suzuki, Munehiro Toyama, Minoru Ohtsuka, Nobuyuki Yokoyama, Kazuyuki Matsumaro, Miyoshi Seki, Keiji Koshino (AIST), Toshio Sugaya (Furukawa Electric), Satoshi Suda, Guangwei Cong (AIST), Toshio Kimura (Furukawa Electric), Kazuhiro Ikeda, Shu Namiki, Hitoshi Kawashima (AIST) OCS2015-8 OPE2015-8
In order to realize dynamic optical path networks that transmit coarse-granular video traffics with ultra-low energy con... [more] OCS2015-8 OPE2015-8
MWP, EMT, PN, LQE, OPE, EST, IEE-EMT [detail] 2014-01-24
Kyoto Doshisha University Operating characteristic of ultra-small optical switch using phase-change material with Si wire waveguide
Takumi Moriyama (Keio Univ.), Hitoshi Kawashima, Masashi Kuwahara, Xiaomin Wang (AIST), Hiroyuki Tsuda (Keio Univ.) PN2013-79 OPE2013-193 LQE2013-179 EST2013-128 MWP2013-99
Recently, internet traffic is increasing and a high performance optical switch is required for optical network nodes. We... [more] PN2013-79 OPE2013-193 LQE2013-179 EST2013-128 MWP2013-99
LQE, CPM, EMD, OPE, R 2012-08-24
Miyagi Tohoku Univ. Fast Aberration-Correction Algorithm for LCOS-based Optical Switch
Keisuke Sorimoto (Keio Univ.), Kenji Kintaka, Hitoshi Kawashima, Masahiko Mori, Toshifumi Hasama, Hiroshi Ishikawa (AIST), Hiroyuki Tsuda (Keio Univ.), Hisato Uetsuka (Hitachi Cable, Ltd.) R2012-46 EMD2012-52 CPM2012-77 OPE2012-84 LQE2012-50
We propose a novel method to efficiently correct the aberration in a free-space optical switch, where a liquid-crystal-o... [more] R2012-46 EMD2012-52 CPM2012-77 OPE2012-84 LQE2012-50
OPE, EMT, LQE, PN, IEE-EMT [detail] 2011-01-27
Osaka Osaka Univ. Si-based 4-port optical switch having three connection states
Yuya Shoji, Kenji Kintaka, Satoshi Suda, Hitoshi Kawashima, Toshifumi Hasama, Hiroshi Ishikawa (AIST) PN2010-39 OPE2010-152 LQE2010-137
For low-power consumption and high-capacity transmission in photonic network systems, we have developed optical cross-co... [more] PN2010-39 OPE2010-152 LQE2010-137
PN 2010-09-02
Hokkaido TOYA KANKO HOTEL [Invited Talk] Silicon Photonics
Masahiko Mori, Youichi Sakakibara, Makoto Okano, Katsumi Furuya, Toshihiro Kamei, Kenji Kintaka, Yuya Shoji, Satoshi Suda, Hitoshi Kawashima (AIST) PN2010-16
Silicon Photonics, which consist of silicon core and SiO2 and/or air clad in optical waveguides, can achieve very small ... [more] PN2010-16
EMD, OPE, LQE, CPM 2010-08-27
Hokkaido Chitose Arcadia Plaza Switching Demonstration of an Optical Gate Switch Using a Phase-Change Material Integrated with Si Waveguides
Daiki Tanaka, Yuichiro Ikuma (Keio Univ.), Yuya Shoji, Masashi Kuwahara, Xiaomin Wang, Kenji Kintaka, Hitoshi Kawashima (AIST), Tatsuya Toyosaki, Hiroyuki Tsuda (Keio Univ.) EMD2010-53 CPM2010-69 OPE2010-78 LQE2010-51
Two types of optical gate switch using phase-change material (PCM) were fabricated. The one switch had a 1-µm-thic... [more] EMD2010-53 CPM2010-69 OPE2010-78 LQE2010-51
Akita Akita University [Invited Talk] Wavelength Selectable Switch with Variable Bandwidth Allocation -- Switching Device Application based on Monolithic Integration AWGs --
Hisato Uetsuka, Hiroshi Ishikawa, Toshifumi Hasama, Hitoshi Kawashima, Kenji Kintaka, Masahiko Mori (AIST), Keisuke Sorimoto, Hiroyuki Tsuda (Keio Univ.) NS2010-33 OCS2010-15 PN2010-6
As the transmission capacity per optical fiber has been increased, a load of the routers and/or the power consumption ha... [more] NS2010-33 OCS2010-15 PN2010-6
pp.31-35(NS), pp.25-29(OCS), pp.31-35(PN)
OPE, EMD, CPM, LQE 2009-08-20
Miyagi   Small Self-Holding 2x2 Optical Switch Using Si Waveguide and Phase-Change Material
Yuichiro Ikuma (Keio Univ.), Hitoshi Kawashima, Kenji Kintaka (AIST), Toshiharu Saiki, Hiroyuki Tsuda (Keio Univ.) EMD2009-31 CPM2009-55 OPE2009-79 LQE2009-38
We proposed a small self-holding 2$\times$2 optical switch using Si wire waveguide and phase change material (PCM). This... [more] EMD2009-31 CPM2009-55 OPE2009-79 LQE2009-38
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