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On the Technical Report Archives
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The users, who have a download license number for the Technical Report Archives and/or who can access the networks where the site license of the Technical Report Archives is given, can view the technical reports that were published more than one month ago.

How to view

  1. Make an account of the IEICE Technical Report Online System.
    Note: If you already have the account, skip this step.
  2. Sign in to the IEICE Technical Report Online System.
  3. Register your download license number.
    Note-1: If you already register it, skip this step.
    Note-2: If you are in the site license network, this registration will not necessary, too. (Except administrators of the site license network.)
  4. PDF icons will appear at advance program pages, etc. If you want to do a bulk download, please click a [Download Paper's PDF archive] link at the bottom of the advance program pages. You will have an electric version of all technical reports of the corresponding workshop/conference in ZIP format.

For administrators of the networks

The administrators of the networks can give a site license to your network users. Please refer the Japanese page, if neccesary.

About Service Agreement

The following service agreements regarding the technical report online service have been established. See below for details.


On the Electronics Society Technical Report Archives

The electronics society members can download the IEICE Technical Reports of electronics society issued before FY2006, without additional charge. The IEICE membership number and password are required for the download. Please access the following link.

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