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Technical Committee on Ultrasonics (US) [schedule] [select]
Chair Yasuaki Watanabe (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
Vice Chair Kentaro Nakamura (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Subaru Kudo (Ishinomaki Senshu Univ.)
Secretary Shin Yoshizawa (Tohoku Univ.), Kan Okubo (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
Assistant Ayumu Osumi (Nihon Univ.)

Technical Committee on Engineering Acoustics (EA) [schedule] [select]
Chair Junki Ono (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
Vice Chair Takanobu Nishiura (RitsumeikanUniv.), Yoshinobu Kajikawa (Kansai Univ.)
Secretary Keigo Wakayama (NTT), Nobutaka Ito (Univ. of Tokyo)
Assistant Masato Nakayama (OSU), Kouhei Yatabe (TUAT)

Conference Date Fri, Dec 22, 2023 13:00 - 17:20
Sat, Dec 23, 2023 09:15 - 14:30
Topics [Joint Meeting on Acoustics and Ultrasonics Subsociety] Engineering/Electro Acoustics, Ultrasonics, etc. 
Conference Place  
Sponsors This conference is co-sponsored by Technical Committee on Electroacoustics of ASJ and ASJ;Technical Committee on Ultrasonic and Underwater Acoustics, IEEE UFFC Society Japan Chapter. This conference is technical co-sponsored by IEEE SPS Tokyo Joint Chapter.
All rights are reserved and no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. Notwithstanding, instructors are permitted to photocopy isolated articles for noncommercial classroom use without fee. (License No.: 10GA0019/12GB0052/13GB0056/17GB0034/18GB0034)
Registration Fee This workshop will be held as the IEICE workshop in fully electronic publishing. Registration fee will be necessary except the speakers and participants other than the participants to workshop(s) in non-electronic publishing. See the registration fee page. We request the registration fee or presentation fee to participants who will attend the workshop(s) on EA, US.

Fri, Dec 22 PM 
13:00 - 15:00
13:00-15:00 [Poster Presentation]
Double mode type BAW filter based on ScAlN multilayers SMR using stacked electrodes US2023-56
Saneyuki Shibata, Takahiko Yanagitani (Waseda Univ.)
13:00-15:00 [Poster Presentation]
Measurement of reflection and transmission characteristics of various materials for airborne ultrasound US2023-57
Kousuke Kozuka, Yuji Wada, Kentaro Nakamura (Tokyotech)
13:00-15:00 [Poster Presentation]
Wide band airborne ultrasound transducer using traveling wave type US2023-58
Keigo Kimura, Yuji Wada, Kentaro Nakamura (Tokyo Tech)
13:00-15:00 [Poster Presentation]
c-Axis tilted epitaxial ScAlN self-supporting thin film resonators with epitaxial ZnO sacrificial layer US2023-59
Shiori Kobayashi, Takahiko Yanagitani (Waseda Univ.)
13:00-15:00 [Poster Presentation]
Fabrication of epitaxial piezoelectric layer/acoustic Bragg reflector structure by etching of epitaxial sacrificial layer US2023-60
Satoshi Tokai, Takahiko Yanagitani (Waseda Univ.)
13:00-15:00 [Poster Presentation]
Examination of a stress evaluation method using a NAM microphone EA2023-49
Akihito Nonaka, Masanori Akita (Oita Univ)
13:00-15:00 [Poster Presentation]
Performance evaluation of Multizone Sound Field Reproduction considering radiation toward the floor in real environments EA2023-50
Rino Fujioka (Ryukoku Univ.), Kazuya Yasueda (THCU), Tong Zhou, Akitoshi Kataoka (Ryukoku Univ.)
13:00-15:00 [Poster Presentation]
Multichannel Blind Source Separation Using Independent Low-Rank Matrix Analysis with Observed-Signal-Dependent Regularization Based on Spectrogram Consistency EA2023-51
Takaaki Kojima, Norihiro Takamune, Sota Misawa (UTokyo), Daichi Kitamura (NIT,Kagawa), Hiroshi Saruwatari (UTokyo)
13:00-15:00 [Poster Presentation]
Measurement of directional characteristics of a small end-fire loudspeaker array structured with a horn loudspeaker and ordinary loudspeakers EA2023-52
Mio Shibata, Manabu Okamoto (Sojo Univ.)
13:00-15:00 [Poster Presentation]
Transaural system for multiple listeners using acoustic contrast as its objective function EA2023-53
Daichi Ito, Toshiya Samejima (Kyushu Univ.)
  15:00-15:20 Break ( 20 min. )
Fri, Dec 22 PM 
15:20 - 17:20
15:20-17:20 [Poster Presentation]
Evaluation of wave velocity anisotropy in loaded and unloaded bones of hyperglycemic rats US2023-61
Yuhi Haneda, Keita Yano, Mami Matsukawa (Doshisha Univ.)
15:20-17:20 [Poster Presentation]
Electromechanical coupling coefficient hysteresis curve of free-standing PbTiO3 epitaxial thin film resonators US2023-62
Sota Kuninobu, Takahiko Yanagitani (Waseda Univ.)
15:20-17:20 [Poster Presentation]
Detection of biomaterial interaction by ultrasonic reflectometry in the UHF range US2023-63
Ayane Mogi, Takahiko Yanagitani (Waseda Univ.)
15:20-17:20 [Poster Presentation]
SMR-type piezoelectric transformer using shear mode c-axis zigzag ScAlN multilayer US2023-64
Kazutaka Siraiwa (Waseda Univ.), Takahiko Yanagitani (Waseda univ.)
15:20-17:20 [Poster Presentation]
Large area growth of c-axis tilted Sc0.4Al0.6N thin films using planar sputtering with rectangular cathode US2023-65
Naoki Ishii, Yhoho Shimano, Takahiko Yanagitani (Waseda Univ.)
15:20-17:20 [Poster Presentation]
Observation of the Lombard effect during listening to daily life noise EA2023-54
Takashi Kido, Masanori Akita (Oita Univ.)
15:20-17:20 [Poster Presentation]
Hearing aid system using LED lighting. EA2023-55
Suzuka Ikeda, Yuji Wada, Kentaro Nakamura (Tokyo Tech)
15:20-17:20 [Poster Presentation]
Reduction of computational complexity of MNMF sound source separation by time domain division EA2023-56
Shigo Sasao, Ken'ichi Furuya (Oita Univ.)
15:20-17:20 [Poster Presentation]
Performance evaluation of acoustic test signals under discrete Fourier transform-based framework EA2023-57
Hideki Kawahara (Wakayama Univ.), Kohei Yatabe (Tokyo Univ. Agriculture and Tech.), Mitsunori Mizumachi (Kyushi Inst. Tech.), Ken-Ichi Sakakibara (Health Sci. Univ. Hokkaido), Tatsuya Kitamura (Konan Univ.)
Sat, Dec 23 AM 
09:15 - 10:30
09:15-09:40 Focus control of a concave-convex ultrasonic gel lens in the radial direction US2023-66 Tagashira Kokichi, Nakamura Kosuke, Harada Yuki, Koyama Daisuke (Doshisha Univ.)
09:40-10:05 Effect of aneurysm at arterial bifurcation on pressure propagation US2023-67 Naoki Hashimoto, Koki Akiyoshi, Mami Matsukawa (Doshisha Univ.)
10:05-10:30 Inspection of Fat Content in Frozen Albacore Using Multi-Channel A-Mode Ultrasound US2023-68 Suguru Yasutomi, Akira Sakai (Fujitsu), Masafumi Yagi (Tokai Univ.), Kanata Suzuki (Fujitsu), Hiroki Kashikura, Shuichiro Abe, Kaito Nakamura, Yuya Arai, Yuki Tajima, Keiichi Goto (Tokai Univ.)
  10:30-10:50 Break ( 20 min. )
Sat, Dec 23 AM 
10:50 - 11:40
10:50-11:40 [Invited Talk]
Music After Generative AI
-- Wood, Paper, Metal, and Porcelain - A record without prior acoustic information --
JO Kazuhiro (Design, KU)
  11:40-13:00 Break ( 80 min. )
Sat, Dec 23 PM 
13:00 - 13:50
13:00-13:25 Stability-Guaranteed Variable Recursive Digital Filters Utilizing Novel Parameter-Transformation Functions EA2023-59 Tian-Bo Deng (Toho Univ.)
13:25-13:50 Excitation analysis based on the frequency-domain Prony method
-- Extracting and representing driving terms in time-frequency domain --
Shigeru Ando (Univ. Tokyo)
  13:50-14:10 Break ( 20 min. )
Sat, Dec 23 PM 
14:10 - 14:30
  14:10-14:30 Award Celemony ( 20 min. )

Announcement for Speakers
General TalkEach speech will have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.
Poster PresentationEach speech will have 120 minutes for presentation.

Contact Address and Latest Schedule Information
US Technical Committee on Ultrasonics (US)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Shinnosuke Hirata (Chiba Univ.)
TEL: 043-290-3934
E--mail: nba-u
Shin Yoshizawa(Tohoku Univ.)
TEL: 022-795-5843
E--mail: ne7
Kan Okubo (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
TEL: 042-585-8606
E--mail: nt 
Announcement Latest information will be presented on the homepage:
EA Technical Committee on Engineering Acoustics (EA)   [Latest Schedule]
Contact Address Nobutaka Ito (Univ. of Tokyo)
E--mail: niku- 

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